Site's Policy

I declare that when using the "Super Teva for You" website, I agree to all the conditions written in these regulations

Buying through the site is subject to the conditions detailed in these regulations. Anyone performing an action on the site declares that he has read and understood the site regulations and that he and/or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and/or claim against the site owners and/or operators and/or anyone on their behalf except for claims relating to the violation of the site owners' and/or operators' commitment to According to these regulations and rules of participation.

Any user who has a credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit companies operating in Israel legally, and valid on the day the operation is performed, may perform an action on the website.

The website management reserves the right to change these regulations at its sole discretion.

By making a purchase on the site, you declare that you have read and understood the regulations and agreed to them (and that you are 18 or older)

The supply of the products and/or services will be carried out according to the provisions of these regulations.

Super nature for you

is a trading site for suppliers who wish to market products from around the world to consumers in the Israeli market. As a shopping site, we do not manufacture the products sold on the site but market them. Please note that when it comes to medical products or those that may have one or another medical implication, the content on the website cannot be relied upon as a diagnosis or treatment of medical problems. Upon entering the details, whether a purchase has been made or not, it will be emphasized that from time to time we will update the customer with promotions and new products. The customer will have the option to remove himself at any time and not receive any advertising material from the time of removal. Before using any product that comes into contact with the body, it is advisable to consult a doctor or a person qualified to provide a professional answer. The information presented on the website is definitely not a substitute for medical advice. Fabric products are required to be washed and/or soaked before initial use and their use is at the sole responsibility of the customer. As a general rule, do not rely on the information presented on the website and it is advisable to read any information or instruction that comes with the product or in general. Please note that due to the state of the economy there may be some delays in deliveries. With your use of the website, you agree to the terms of use as shown on the website.

Ordering products

A. The company offers for sale a wide variety of products (hereinafter: "Products"). Next to the products intended for sale, the fact that they can be purchased by checking in the shopping cart is explicitly stated. If this fact is not stated next to the product and/or service, you will not be able to purchase them, and we will not be obliged to provide them to you.

B. In order for us to fulfill your offer to purchase a product (hereinafter: "your order"), it is important that the products you ordered are in the inventory of the manufacturers or importers of the products. Although we do our best to ensure that the products shown on the site are in stock, sometimes products shown on the site are out of stock. If the products are missing, an appropriate notification will be sent to you via your e-mail or via telephone. In this case, the company reserves the right to submit to you, if there is one, an offer to purchase an alternative product of a similar nature and price. If you accept our offer, your order details will be updated again. If you decide to refuse, your order will be canceled and we will avoid charging your credit card.

How to make an order

A. After you have placed the order, you will receive an initial notification of receipt of your order details. Please note: this confirmation does not obligate the company to deliver the products you ordered, and it only indicates that the order details have been captured in the system.

B. Only after the company has finished checking your credit card details and received the credit card company's approval to make the purchase, your offer will be considered feasible and all the processes of supplying the products you ordered will begin, provided they are in stock held by Super Teva or their manufacturers and/or distributors.

third. In order for us to provide you with the products you ordered, your order must be received and recorded by us in a proper and orderly manner, containing all the details required for the delivery of the products and your billing. Various reasons may cause malfunctions and disruptions in the reception and processing of your order by us.

d. If there is a disruption and/or error in the description of the products, their image, description, price or any other detail, the company will be entitled to cancel your purchase and you will not be charged any payment for the canceled order.

God. If when placing the order you provide incorrect identification information, we cannot guarantee that the products will reach you. In the event that the products are returned to us because of incorrect information you provided, you will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Please make sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details. Submitting false personal details is absolutely prohibited and is a criminal offense according to the provisions of the Penal Law, 1977 and/or any other law.

and. In any case, the customer must make sure that the order details entered are correct. Neither the store nor employees on its behalf take responsibility for any malfunction that occurs due to not typing in correct details such as shipping details, phone number, etc.

Means of Payment

A. You can pay with a valid credit card that can be settled by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel legally. You will be required to enter your card number and details in the designated space.

B. You can pay by transferring the credit information over the phone while talking to the company representative.

third. You can send the credit information via fax to the company's offices.

. The products will be sent only after receiving confirmation from the credit company that the transaction is correct.

supply date

A. The delivery times we commit to are up to 21 days (hereinafter: "delivery dates"). The calculation of the delivery times will be based on business days, that is, Sunday-Thursday until 4:00 p.m., except for Fridays, eves of holidays and holidays, Saturdays and holidays and holidays. At the same time, our company does its best to advance the delivery time (and in most cases succeeds).

B. If factors and/or events beyond the control of the website owners and/or its operators delay and/or prevent the sale of the products and/or services, of any kind, fully or partially, and in any way whatsoever, and/or the supply of the products and/or or the provision of the services published on the website at the appointed times, and/or if malfunctions in the computing and/or telephone systems and/or any other communication factor affect the completion of the purchase process, this or that, in its various forms, and/or if due to hostile acts and/or any A factor of other force majeure will prevent and/or damage the process of purchasing the products and/or services in any way, including by means of a tender and/or public tender and/or regular sale or the supply of the products and/or services, and/or if changes in the rates apply The tax and/or levies applicable to the products and/or services between the date of publication of the product and/or service for purchase and the scheduled delivery date according to the conditions of purchase of the product and/or service, the website may, on behalf of our company, notify the cancellation of the purchase, in whole or in part, and cancel the obligation of the person carrying out the action.

third. The various products will be delivered via Israel Post or couriers. Products that will be delivered through Israel Post will be sent according to the usual delivery time of Israel Post and subject to the nature and conditions of service accepted by Israel Post. It is hereby emphasized that the delivery times of products that are not delivered via couriers cannot be controlled by our company and are not under its control and you declare that you will not have any claim against the company due to disruptions in delivery other than via courier.

d. The delivery of the products via couriers will be carried out in accordance with the delivery conditions of the delivery company on behalf of our company, and subject to the list of the company's settlements where home delivery is carried out. If the shipping company on behalf of our company is unable to make the delivery to the customer's home for any reason, including due to weather conditions and/or a security situation that may endanger the life of the shippers, the matter will be clarified to the customer and an alternative solution acceptable to both parties will be found. It is hereby clarified that with regard to the cancellation of a shipment due to the conditions stated above, our company will be the sole arbiter.

God. In express delivery (courier deliveries) it is mandatory to provide a mobile phone number, available and in use. Failure to deliver a mobile phone leads to cancellation of the "Super Teva for You" commitment to the delivery time guaranteed in the delivery policy and can lead to delays that cannot be monitored and/or controlled.

Prices and payments

A. Your charge will be made using the credit card whose details you provided, at the price that appears next to the products you ordered, plus shipping and handling fees, all as detailed next to each product and/or on the product page.

B. The company is entitled to change the product prices, handling fees and shipping fees from time to time. The valid price in relation to the order you made is the price that will be published on the website when you complete the order process.

third. All prices that appear on the website include VAT unless otherwise specifically stated.

d. The prices and shipping fees displayed on the website are valid for purchasers through the website only.

God. Promotions, sale products, bonus products, products with any additions (for example, additional quantity) - are only "temporary products" and the company's responsibility to supply them
Only according to stock.

and. Therefore, the company undertakes to fulfill orders of temporary products only if there is availability of these products in stock and all this is subject to the other conditions written above.

G. You can make a payment transaction with a credit card in the amount of up to 3 payments, without interest and without a minimum order.

 Cancellation of transaction

A. It is possible to cancel the purchase of products within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt, when they are packed in their original packaging and closed at the manufacturer's closing and they are not used, by a written message to an e-mail: see the contact page.

After verifying your request, the product must be returned by mail to the address that will be given to you. After returning the products, you will be credited with the price you paid for them (not including shipping fees), minus the cost of the return shipping (if any). If the product is checked by a person on behalf of our company and it is found that it was not returned as new, in its new and original packaging and closed at the closing of the supplier, including all the components of the product and the packaging, it will not be possible to win for this product. This rule applies to all types of shipments.

B. In the event that the products you received were not in good condition when you received them, you will not be charged for shipping, packaging, return fees or handling fees.

third. It is important to note that all products are tested before shipping. You may not return or exchange products that can be recorded, copied or reproduced, whose original packaging has been opened, unless they have been found to be defective. In case of a defective product, you may send the product together with the tax invoice you received and a letter describing the problem with the product. After we receive your request, we will send you the product again according to your original order, provided that it is in stock with the supplier. The right to return or exchange a product and/or service is subject to additional stipulations as stated in Section 14 of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981

Additional conditions

A. The personal details you provided and will provide at the time of ordering, as well as the details of purchases you will make in the future, will be stored in the company's database. The company will not transfer your personal details to any other party except the suppliers (without the credit card details) and this only in order to complete the purchase operations you have made on the website. Although you are not required by law to provide us with your personal information, we will not be able to process your order if we do not receive it

B. The company will be entitled to send you an e-mail, contact you in writing or by mail with any information regarding promotions

third. In any case where, due to "force majeure", the company is prevented from managing the website as per our rules, delivering the products or meeting any of its other obligations, the company may cancel the contract with the buyers, all or some of them. In this section "force majeure" means - computer malfunctions, malfunctions in the telephone system or malfunctions in other communication systems, any sabotage and a security incident. Unusual natural events of any kind and fire.

d. The company reserves the right to close the site and/or cancel a sale at its discretion if it becomes clear that an illegal activity has been or is being carried out on the site or any damage has been caused as a result of a technical fault on the site.

God. The company's products (including the instructions for the use of each product) are not a substitute for medical advice. The company will not bear any responsibility if damage occurs as a result of improper use of one of the products. You should always consult a medical professional.

Responsibility and lack of responsibility
1.1. It will be clarified that the products offered for sale on the website are not manufactured and are not shipped by the operator, and therefore the sole responsibility for all the products on the website and for any information or presentation made on the website regarding the essence of the products including, but not limited to, the names of the manufacturers, the nature of the products, the features of the products, the images of the products, etc. "b" applies to the manufacturers and/or importers and/or authorized resellers of the products, according to the laws and regulations for consumer protection and in accordance with the terms of the warranty and service certificates that were attached to each product, if attached.
1.2. The operator will not be held responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage and/or injury of any kind that may be caused to the customer and/or third parties as a result of using and relying on the content that appears on the website.
1.3. The data and information appearing on the products and on the website are sometimes provided by third parties including, but not limited to, manufacturers, suppliers and/or importers, and therefore the operator will not bear any responsibility regarding the data and information on the products as mentioned above which, as mentioned, are not produced by it.
1.4. The operator makes every effort to ensure that the information about the products appearing on the website corresponds to the product being sold. However, sometimes there may be errors in good faith regarding the details and information about the products as they appear on the website, and therefore before consuming the product, you should carefully read the details of each product. If, in good faith, you were provided with a product that does not match its description on the website, you can contact the operator who will take care of your credits for the price of the purchased product and coordinate the return of the product to the operator. Alternatively, you can also replace the product with another product and receive a credit and/or add an additional amount, depending on the difference between the product received and the replacement product.

The Super Teva site for you acts as an intermediary between customers and third-party suppliers. The website is not responsible for the quality of the products or their shipping, the sole responsibility is with the supplier.

  1. When making a purchase on the website, the customer understands and confirms that the company Super Teva for you is not a party to any legal, legal or other dispute between the customer and a third party supplier who actually supplied the product.
  2. The company's website and all assets operated by it through digital means constitute a platform for payment transfer and connection between the customer and the supplier from whom the product was purchased. In any legal matter, you can contact the website management to obtain the details of the supplier from which the product was purchased by the customer.

and. The company may at any time change the wording of these regulations without any notice.