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Back pain relief pillow

Back pain relief pillow

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and provides maximum support and comfort that helps relieve sciatica pain and pressure on the lower back.

• The pillow is equipped with two washable covers, you can change the cover at any time.

• In order to maintain a more pleasant night's sleep, the pillow comes with a cooling gel on top to remove body heat.

• Sleep comfortably without using dangerous straps that restrict blood flow, the pillow is adapted to your legs without restricting movement.

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Suffering from restless nights? Constant back/knee pain?

This pillow will help you sleep in perfect comfort in any situation, a knee pillow that fits the itself for your legs, significantly relieves lower back pain and maintains normal body temperature with a cooling gel.

Insanely comfortable and the perfect solution for successful sleep!

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emory Foam Wedge Pillow

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